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Question Can anyone clarify the FAQ's use of "alternate mixes of official music"?

[Disclaimer: I'm so noob that the head is still pointy from its passage through the birth canal. So please make allowances. But I have read the FAQs, browsed the first 10 pages of this forum, and used the Search. So if this question is answered anywhere - or would be better asked somewhere else - just remember a time when you did something clueless. OK? ]

I'm very grateful for the riches offered on this site and am eager to give back what little I can. Which in this case is a 4 CD set of unreleased studio stuff from a musician who seems to be popular in this precinct. [He has recently taken some high profile moves to harass enthusiasts. So in the interest of staying below the radar of his paid spies, if you haven't already guessed who I'm talking about, let's just say that he's short and lives in a cold climate. ]

My immediate concern is that some of the material in this set, though never commercially released, does show up - reworked to a greater or lesser degree - on his official records. If I simply omitted everything I had any doubt about, that would comprise maybe 20% of the set - and perhaps that would just annoy everyone.

So to keep the losses to a minimum, can anyone give a clear thumb-up or -down on these hypothetical offerings?

1. Otherwise identical to the commercial track, but including at least several bars of previously omitted music

2. Otherwise identical to the commercial track, but using a different arrangement

3. Otherwise identical to the commercial track, but at least two lines of different lyrics

4. Otherwise identical to someone else's commercial track, but with him singing

And just in case I have to go the better-safe-than-sorry route, what is a reasonable percentage of omissions before deciding that this isn't a suitable seed?
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