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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by gunfighter_001
So, I don't need to. Nobody needs too. And how/why the system is still working and surviving? Because some people is paying the bill, and not exactly because I/We love to do it. We have no option if we want some gigs.
And that's why The Genesis-Movement [ ] has the best SRE. The first 24 hours are for the best ratios. After that, you just stay if you want to or need. What I like, specially, is that I don't need to share my bandwidth with leechers.

People with nice ratios can share and so, after that, the leechers can TRY to get the gigs (and I wonder how, if they just don't like to share... but that's their problem, not mine).
That's my suggestion.

Thanks again,

1. bills need to be paid no matter what.
sharing out doesnt pay the rent.

2. thats completely childish. sorry, Im sure how else to phrase it.
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