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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Hi there,

first, many thanks and congrats for this nice place.

Question: Why do I need to have a nice ratio (I mean, higher than 1.0)?
Answer: You don't need to. It's ratio free.

So, I don't need to. Nobody needs too. And how/why the sistem is still working and surviving? Because some people is paying the bill, and not exactly because I/We love to do it. We have no option if we want some gigs.

And that's why The Genesis-Movement has the best SRE. The first 24 hours are for the best ratios. After that, you just stay if you want to or need. What I like, specially, is that I don't need to share my bandwidth with leechers.
People with nice ratios can share and so, after that, the leechers can TRY to get the gigs (and I wonder how, if they just don't like to share... but that's their problem, not mine).
That's a sugestion.

Thanks again,


PS: I'm not under a powerful bandwidth, it's really hard to keep and mantain a nice ratio.

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