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Question Re: computer slowdown - fried CPU?

Originally Posted by kill_them_all1000
I don't think that you have problems with CPU. When a CPU has problems it doesn't work (at least that happened on all my intel CPU).
I've got an AMD Athalon processor. I don't think it's totally fried, just a bit heat damaged to cook a few circuits.
I've ducttaped another mini-fan on top over the siezed one. It's probably keeping it cooler than no working fan at all, but not by much.
What could be slowing me down, then? Someone was telling me about a Firefox problem that can eat up CPU power... Just before I started writing this a Firefox update popped up.
I've tried installing my soundcard in different slots, plugging in different drivers for it. I don't really remember changing anything to make this creep in.
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