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Question computer slowdown - fried CPU?

I'm having a big problem, and I think I know why, but what do you think?

My computer started slowing down, to the point it won't play music without making ticking skip noises in the music. Wav files play worse than flac files. This is in every player I can find. Funny thing is, I was able to play DVD files with powerDVD still ok...

At one point before I noticed this I thought I should clean out the dust, etc lurking inside. I saw that the smaller fan on my motherboard wasn't turning. It is actually siezed. I had no idea. There's a big jet engine fan right above it, working fine.

Could I have fried my CPU just enough to slow it down, but not kill it? I'm using this computer to write this. It now takes 3 times as long to start up, burning a data DVD took 1 1/2 hours and another hour to verify (usually 15 mins/10mins)...

Can anyone detail their experiences with fried CPU's? What other sorts of symptoms can I expect?
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