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Re: macs+DVD authoring

I'm a PC freak, so don't know much about mac software. Check here: and user' opinions. The site has also very good forum.

I'd look for a software which:
* does not re-encode video
* accepts and not re-encodes MP2 audio format - must have if you author European DVB stream
* does not require to buy a separate plugin to import/write Dolby Digital (AC3)
* may at least mux video with two audio stream (i.e. TDA 1.6 supports only one)
* has subtitles support

Not necessary but welcome:
* accepts non DVD standard video without re-encoding: 544x576 (such video can also be losselessly patched to standard screens size before importing to an authoring program)
* has scripting feature for an advanced authoring
* menu templates

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