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Re: Usenet newsgroups?

I'm using usenet for a year, and believe me, i cannot stop downloading stuff from there. I consider myself still a newbie. I don't understand a lot of things, but that don't stopped me to enjoy's really fantastic. I hope one day all traders here at the Den gives usenet a chance.

IMO the best features usenet have are:

* High speed downloadings. Normally on a torrent, i download a 4Gb DVD in around 6-10hours! ...on usenet just 90min aprox.

* Dedicated servers. Instead depend of other peoples while downloading. here one DL from a server, so it's faster and continuous. Practically never the DL is interrupted.

A nice start, i recommend service. They have a 15 day trial or 3Gb limit. Usenext have a little propietary newsreader that's very easy to use. It's like an internet explorer for usenet.

Here's a little pic of how usenext explorer looks. I have open the lossless.bootlegs group.

Enjoy downloading!!!

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