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Re: Problems sharing torrents once I've finished downloading

In no particular order...

Yes, there are limits for how many shows you may upload or download. You may read about them in the FAQ here:

If you were affected by the denial of service attack in any way, you would simply not be able to see the site. Period. Your IP would be totally blocked. So, I'd say that is not a problem for you. Same thing with the Mainline BitTorrent being banned - you are using uTorrent, so this ban doesn't affect you.

If you have Comcast now, do a search in this forum for "Comcast" and "Sandvine" and you will read about other users problems with seeding problems and some solutions that may work for you.

Make sure the shows you are choosing to seed actually have some leechers on them. I've seen people ask why their uploading wasn't working and it turned out they were connected to torrents with no leechers (or very few leechers compared to the number of seeders).

I hope that helps.
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