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Re: Understanding Cue Sheets

Originally Posted by Perderabo
Could there be an "INDEX 02" on some cue file?
Yes. And INDEX 03, 04 etc.

These index-points refer to a point within each song, for example a new verse. Unfortunately it's more or less impossible to find players that support these today, then you won't notice any difference from a normal cd.

Here's an example of a player that do support indexes:

The first "1" in the display indicates the curent track and the second "1" the current index. As you see on the bottom right there are buttons for skipping track aswell as for skipping index.

Ps. I have one of those cd-players that are on the picture, a Sony CPD-991. There aren't alot of cd's the uses index now adays. Some live albums. The first pressing of Front 242's "Front by front" had tons of indexes that made it easy to remix the songs.

Ps2. As already mentioned there's an INDEX 00 too. That shows up as a negative time that counts to 0. If you switch to a new track the player (both the one on the picture and regular ones) always starts to play TRACK 01, not track 00. But if you play the whole album it will go from TRACK XX,INDEX XX to TRACK XX+1,THE FIRST INDEX, that will be INDEX 00 if it exists. Perfect for live albums!

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