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Re: DVD Burn Incomplete

OK, I have good news to report!

After making two more drink coasters, I figured it out....

There are four .vob files associated with the disc #1 TS file. I was using "Windows DVD Maker", which came on at the load of a blank DVD. This program would only burn one of the .vob files, no matter how many I had selected to burn. All would play during the "preview", but only one would burn.

Stumbling forward, I found that I have "Windows Movie Maker" on my computer, and discovered that if I took each of the four .vob files and placed them in the sequencial frames in order, this would create a movie that allowed the whole contents to burn seemlessly.

So, although I will probably upgrade my software in the future, this method seems to have worked fine for now.

Now on to a stallar RUSH DVD!

Thanks for your help and tips!

H to O
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