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Re: TMPGEnc dvd author menu question

My torrents are here:
or here

Maestro doesn't open vob files, and I don't need such option as I always demux in ProjectX. I work mostly with transport stream files (.ts).

Please note that the menu has to be prepared in a graphic program as in Maestro you can add links only. For example in Photoshop you can prepare 2 layers file which contains subpicture (1st), and text + graphics (2nd).

I prefer to make whole menu, including textual chapter links, in a graphic program than in TDA. It's more flexible and quicker as the text can be in one paragraph, unlike in TDA and DLP where is a separate line for each chapter.

Yes, Maestro doesn't re-encodes, and renders menus as good as TMPGEnc, which also means much better than DVD-Lab Pro - total crap if you use a video as a background.
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