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Re: DVD Burn Incomplete

Thanks for the advice U2Lynne.

Here is where I found the show and downloaded it, completed successfully:

It appears the DVD (which I have with me here at work) has the same files as the original TS file. Additionally, there are .BUP files of each file on the DVD. I'll double check at home later to make sure (orig TS is on home computer).

As far as the windows instructions, I asked for advice in a thread I started a few below this one regarding sound issues I originally had in Roxio. I had some assistance in that thread, never got Roxio to work, but applied the same advice to the windows program that opens on my computer when I load a blank DVD, and it worked! Only for half the DVD though!

I'll try to post some more specific info on the windows program name when I get home.

Thanks again!

H to O
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