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DVD Burn Incomplete


One last newbie question, promise!

I have burned the first DVD from the following:

Linege: AUD (3-cameras) > ? Master > ? Transfer > ? Author > DVD > VOB2MPG > VideoReDo Plus (cut intro/outro/malarkey) > TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 (new chapters/menus) > VIDEO_TS

Video: NTSC 29.97fps, 720x480
DVD 1 Bitrate = 4063kbps
DVD 2 Bitrate = 3998kbps

Audio: Camera
AC3, 48khz, 192 Kb/s

After burning, I played on my DVD player, and after 33 minutes, it skipped back to the beginning, leaving out the rest of the 65 minute long show. I put it in my computer, and it shows that the DVD only contains the 33 minutes worth of video.

I used windows DVD copier program to burn the DVD copy of the entire DVD1 TS file from a relatively new computer, and burned it onto a Maxell DVD+RW disc.

Do I need a dual layer disc? The "written" portion when visibly looking at the writeable side of the disc shows it about 2/3rds written from the center.

I tried burning a copy the DVD2 TS file, and the same thing happened, 2nd half of the show missing.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


H to O
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