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Re: TMPGEnc dvd author menu question

Originally Posted by pawel
Resolution doesn't matter unless 75ppi is not jagged etc.

Picture should be scaled exactly to DVD menu, PAL: 720x576 or 720x480 for NTSC. If you author in DA 2 or 3 and your movies are in 16:9 then menu should be 1047x576 - DA doesn't read correctly PSD with rounded pixels 16:9, so it may not display exactly as designed.

BTW: if you have 3 separate movies and you will make them as separate tracks you won't be able to display chapter links on the same menu - each movie will require a separate menu.

Usually they are in "Program Files\Pegasys Inc\TMPGEnc...\Templates" (depends which version of DVD Author you use). You may also try to search PC for *.tda or *.tda3 - I don't know what extension uses TDA 2, perhaps *.tda2.

Last but not least: TDA 2 and above always re-encodes video unlike TDA 1.6. However, re-encoding is in most cases not noticeable but such (shitty) feature caused me to stay away from this program. I author DVB-S captures almost exclusively, and TDA always likes to re-encode them, even if the stream is in DVD standard.

After tries with DVD-Lab Pro, I switched to DVD Maestro, and I won't change it for anything else I use TDA3 just for making a keyframe list for chapters because it's much easier than in Maestro, imo.
Thanks for more info, Pawel. I actually re-rendered the DVD last night and it came out great. Getting the template size right was more about the picture and the text looking "stretched" across the screen. I have much more experience making very hi-res printable things in P-shop, and making things smaller without making them look crappy & pixelated is a bit of a challenge for me.

I'm using TMPGEnc DVD author 1.6. I looked in the program files folder, and I couldn't find a single bitmap or .jpg file in the folder which was really weird. I just copied the size from another program's templates. it seems to work great.

Fortunately, it's an Aud-shot 4:3 dvd, so I did not have to worry about widescreen menus, but thanks for the sizing advice. That should come in handy in the future.

Anyway, Thanks to everyone for their help. The results were quite successful, and I learned a few things.

Love this forum
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