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Re: Recognizing Peers/Seeds; No UL/DL, though? Perhaps PC help needed?

I attempted that, but then had no connection whatsoever - my little brother told me that it's probably because the router's address is registered with the cable co., not my computer's individual address (that makes no sense to me, but I stopped developing my "computer geek" skills right around the time broadband and networking blew up). Ports 6881-89 (I think; not at home right now) are definitely still forwarded for BT, just like I'd set them up to forward back when I was on everydayjones... I've never had 6969 forwarded though. Is that something specific for this site? I can't transfer easytree torrents anymore, now, either... There is a possibility that there's a communications issue, IP-wise, between the router and the LAN. I know that this would be a big pain for you, seeing how much information on the subject has already been posted in this post alone, but since I've had no luck when I follow the IP-configuration suggestions on the Linksys FAQ, could you suggest a from-the-beginning, step-by-step path for me to ensure that all the networking settings didn't get screwed by my computer shutting down that one day? Thanks so much for the help; I still haven't had enough free time in a day to get in touch with the cable co., so if I can get this fixed w/o having to try a new modem that'd be great!
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