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Re: TMPGEnc dvd author menu question

Resolution doesn't matter unless 75ppi is not jagged etc.

Photoshop CSx has presets for correct DVD menus (rounded pixels) -> choose "New" and scroll down "Preset" -> PAL D1/DV with guides. With such preset, your picture and fonts won't look nice when viewed in Photoshop but they will display correctly on a TV monitor.

Picture should be scaled exactly to DVD menu, PAL: 720x576 or 720x480 for NTSC. If you author in DA 2 or 3 and your movies are in 16:9 then menu should be 1047x576 - DA doesn't read correctly PSD with rounded pixels 16:9, so it may not display exactly as designed.

BTW: if you have 3 separate movies and you will make them as separate tracks you won't be able to display chapter links on the same menu - each movie will require a separate menu.

I still can't find where TMPGEnc stores their pre-made menu templates on my pc
Usually they are in "Program Files\Pegasys Inc\TMPGEnc...\Templates" (depends which version of DVD Author you use). You may also try to search PC for *.tda or *.tda3 - I don't know what extension uses TDA 2, perhaps *.tda2.

Last but not least: TDA 2 and above always re-encodes video unlike TDA 1.6. However, re-encoding is in most cases not noticeable but such (shitty) feature caused me to stay away from this program. I author DVB-S captures almost exclusively, and TDA always likes to re-encode them, even if the stream is in DVD standard.

After tries with DVD-Lab Pro, I switched to DVD Maestro, and I won't change it for anything else I use TDA3 just for making a keyframe list for chapters because it's much easier than in Maestro, imo.
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