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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

I want to come out and say hello and point out that my ratio is crap.

I downloaded the huge A/B Road Beatles torrent to the tune of 15 gigs, and then my computer HD crashed and I lost it all!

In my shame I disappeared from here for a while, but found something I wanted the other day and decided to poke my nose in again. I've got several torrents DLed now and they're going to sit there for quite some time. If anyone wants Frank Sinatra PLEASE download it and I will be happy to upload it to you!

At the late-great Demonoid I had a 2.4 with 700g shared, so having a crap ratio isn't something I normally do or enjoy. In fact I feel guilty about it. Even on public trackers I seed for quite some time.

Surely I'm not alone in having a poor ratio and feeling that I've let down the community rather than being an arse about it as some have in this board as I've been reading old posts today.

Just let me say I'm sorry, and thank you.
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