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Re: un-known lineage category

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
We've never aimed to be a huge site.
You do need enough members so the swarm produces a good download speed. That's the whole idea behind bit torrent technology and it's not always the case here. Even though that last Winston Remaster did come down at almost 3 Mbit/sec

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
*Every* show has lineage even if it's a CD you found on the side of the road:

AUD> ??> CD-Rx (found on side of road)* > iTunes with error correction on > AIFF > xACT > flac

* CD listened to many times, no errors detected. shntool SBE output provided - no SBEs detected, and Spectral Analysis provided in next post.
So a CDR of unknown linage can be torrented as:

A(x) > CDR (x) > EAC/Flac

Is this correct?
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