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Icon6 Re: Your Favorite Equipment & Software

I'm totally new at the torrent hobby but have learned vast amounts about things in the past month. Here's my basic equipment:

Home built desktop with AMD Dual Core 5800
2GB memory
DVD-RW etc
250GB drive (with only 80GB left in 4 months! I'll be getting an external soon)
Windows Vista Premium (some things are great, some things suck. XP is better)

Router: Linksys WGS54G Wireless (yes the stock admin login has been changed) I use the trigger on port function instead of using a specific port each time for torrents.

Software: (I'm in the process of trying free utilities)
uTorrent 1.75 (I tried Azareus but didn't care for it, I don't want a HTTP window to open while I'm downloading)

Nero 8 Suite for Wave editing etc.

MediaMonkey V2.55: (this is way better for setting up and retagging MP3's and other formats then most things I've tried. I liked it so much I bought the lifetime license/updates version). This will automatically convert a FLAC file into MP3 as it loads music into my portable device too.

Walkman type device(Ha! I'm a product born in the early sixties so I call all iPod related devices Walkmans): iRiver CLIX 2GB generation 1. I also have a utility that will convert AVi into the right size to play on CLIX.

VLC media player V0.8.6: Vista/WMP V11 checks for codecs and won't play if it decides somethings not right. No worries with VLC.

Stereo Equipment: Some 4 year old Sony desktop thing. I can patch a line into the digital input of my soundcard to convert tapes into a wave file.

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