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Re: SATA question

Originally Posted by bill_kate
when i hook it to an open SATA channel on a working machine, the thing hangs and re-boots, and hangs and re-boots.

SATA blows. I never had any problems swapping IDE's and files around. The loss of the slave/master control is a step backward IMO.

i am going to do some yoga and meditate before i throw this thing out the window.
Does your motherboard support IDE natively with SATA being an addition? Older MOBO's required special drivers that can make life difficult until they are installed. I had tons of problems with my old MOBO until I installed the infamous "F6 RAID" drivers. Newer MOBO's with native SATA support don't have this problem. If you want to throw them out the window, I suggest throwing them to me.
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