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Re: Your Favorite Equipment & Software

Interesting, I think I need some upgrades ~

Internet: Comcast 8M> Linksys 330N > Motorola VT4224 >
Net Gear Wireless WN311T >

Computer: Pentium Dual Core ~ CPU 2.80 GHz x2 ~ 4GB ram
HD: Internal WD-160 GB, WDC-500GB ~ External WDC-500GB
Monitor: Dell 21" wide screen
Speakers/Subwoofer: Labtec & Apple power

Software: Windows XP ~ SP2, Trader's Little Helper, FooBar2000,
Exact Audio Copy, Nero 8 package, Nero Photo Show, dbpoweramp,
Flac frontend

Playback: dbpoweramp > ALAC Lossless > iPod 80GB Video >
Neo Car Audio adapter

Stereo: Toshiba XB-1507, Memorex DVD, Toshiba VCR, Wii, Sony 100 CD player.
Speakers/Subwoofer: Infinity home theater

Guitars: electric ~ '59 LP ri, Stratocastor-'82 & '92cs, '82/'52 ri Telecaster, '84-335cs, '92 PRS, Hamer, '81 Ric 4001; acoustic ~ Breedlove Gerhard MC, Martin 000-28EC, Hill Classical, Larivee OM-03; amps ~ Fender Hot Rod Delux, Custom Bass, Genz Benz;sounds ~ Line 6 Podxt, firepod 8; recording ~ CuBase.

Having a grand old time !
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