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Re: USB Drivers in Windows XP .... Im f**ked

Originally Posted by lehnhard
well, have to disagree. don't get me wrong, your help is appreciated.

Drive letter F may not be available in most windows pcs with two harddisks (with two partitions each) plus a dvd drive will let you start not before drive letter H .
If you say yes, H for my USB harddrive is fine, OK but next time you (or whoever) insert a usb stick or add a usb printer may get the same problem because windows is stupid, no E T. I. for sure!
For that it usually works fine to go the way you told us but to start with a drive letter (for usb harddisks, sticks etc.) from the end = Z, Y, X ...., that allows windows to continue with the alphabetic order for other added devices.

hope you understand what I'm talking about (can't do it better)

have a nice day
hello lehnhard.
yes, I must agree that Z, Y & X are indeed excellent drive letters.
they are some of my favorite letters !! I think the letter X is cool.

but I wasnt speaking of any of that.
the comment concerned the issue that USB memory sticks (thumbdrives..whatever) want drive F.
They just do. It must be their favorite letter!!
BUT, if its used it - the drive/device wont mount.
This makes me sad why cant we all get along!

may the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman!!
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