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Originally Posted by Phishblowz
if the md5 is in the folder with the video, it should be removed b4 burning...some software omits it automatically, but some don't...maybe it reads the md5 as being in the folder, and it's causin trouble...I'm not familiar with Sonic, but the files can't be missing, if you're watching I doubt it helps to redownload...are the video files the only files in the video ts folder, or is there a txt or md5 in there too??? if the video ts has all the video files and nothing else, than I have no idea why it wouldn't burn for you...wish I could help, let us know how it goes during trial and error, and if you have anymore info about it, we can try to help more, and if you fix it, please let us know what you did, I'm curious now...good luck
that is a good point. i should clarify my previous statement. to check the md5 file it may need to be TEMPORARILY moved to the video_ts. if that's where it was made. You need to remove all files except .vob, .bup, and .ifo from the video_ts prior to burning.

judging by the file list on the torrent those files weren't in the video_ts to begin with. so that's probably not the issue unless they got moved there by mistake.
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