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Re: Your Favorite Equipment & Software

Originally Posted by Five
he said legend has it that if you can make it sound good on NS-10s it will sound good on anything (ok except for bass you can't check that on these obviously). I know you'll disagree but that kind of a legend/myth is the kind I have to investigate
Yea, I'm familiar with that legend. I can see the point while I still disagree.

Originally Posted by Five
what is your recommendation for replacement near field monitors for studio use, then?
The ones I use, although they are difficult to buy. They are called Ino Audio piP:

There are a comercial version of these aswell, called Guru QM10. Much, much more expensive but also much easier to buy. Their ancestor, the piP, are performing equally but can for ideological reasons only be bought on location in Stockholm.

Here's a second opinion:

The piP's are much cheaper, around 4200SEK (ca 320, $665), if you assembly them yourself, wich takes about an hour. The downside is ofcourse that you'll have to find someone in Stockholm that can send them to you.

With -3dB at 34Hz, they are really unbeleivable. I would not trade these for anything else that I've heard, besides their bigger brother pi60s. (But that's a leap up to 3200, $6700... Not to mention the commercial version of the pi60s: Guru QM40...) Picture of pi60s:

I think the Genelecs are okey, but not really blistering. We have an expensive 5.1 Genelec setup at work and it's nice to pump out Iron Maidens DVD Rock in Rio while watching the show on the 315" Hitachi video wall... but I wouldn't trade my piP's for that speaker setup. (There's a factor x37 in price difference.)

B&W produces some nice speakers. Carlsson are great but not for monitoring and can only be found second hand. NHT makes some really good loudspeakers!

Originally Posted by Five
I wish I could read more of that pdf... for the circuit there, the resistors with values without the "k" appearing are ohms? the rest is really straightforward.
Yes, that's Ohm. Without any prefix. I'll check if there's any english version of that article, otherwise I could try to make a quick n' dirty translation.

Originally Posted by Five
ps your english is quite good, really
Thank you. Partly that's because we do not dub movies/tv-programs here.
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