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Originally Posted by AAR.oner
how did you get a copy of those samples?! thought i only sent em to Five
Yup. Its' a crazy world out there. Possibly I was stalking around the corner? No, not this time. I was talking about the spectral view image DumbLuck posted here before.
Originally Posted by xcv111
Damnation! My bad. My digibox is using MPEG/MusiCam Layer I & II (MPEG-2?) codec. And YLE is possibly using for MPEG-2 codec. Which makes it a lossy source.

So I'll turn myself in and suggest M.I.A. 2007-08-24 Seine en Rock 2007 to be pulled because of being lossy.
This was my conclusion of recording shows from the digibox radio stations. And Finnish Broadcast Company (YLE) is even using a bitrate as low as 160 Kbps CBR on the digibox radio X3M channel feed in question.
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