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Re: How to split FLAC files ???

Originally Posted by Five
pro mixes have to sound good summed to mono and coming out of a mono transistor radio with a one inch 5 cent speaker, also has to sound good on a boombox, car stereo, cheap headphones, expensive headphones, home stereo, expensive home stereo and also super-top-of-the-line hifi equipment (etc etc). it should be listenable on a clock radio, I'll never forget realizing one day when my cheap clock radio woke me up with led zeppelin how I could hear every note and drum hit on that puny nasty little speaker! but also sounds even better on better equiment. the mixes on tool records are another great example, sounds so clean clear and nice on a boombox but give it some big speakers that can push some bass and everything that sounded great is still there plus this whole other dimension of low frequencies making it even better

Five speaks of truths rarely realized on this thing we call the internet...well said bro, if only more people listened
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