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Re: Your Favorite Equipment & Software

hey thanks so much for posting that's great info. I can at least try to get the room almost flat (maybe use some other speakers for tweaking that ).

a friend of mine recommended them to me, and now that you mentioned it I recall him telling me about the spike in the mids and generally uneven response. he said legend has it that if you can make it sound good on NS-10s it will sound good on anything (ok except for bass you can't check that on these obviously). I know you'll disagree but that kind of a legend/myth is the kind I have to investigate I'll give them a chance and if they don't work out I should be able to get about the same that I paid for them on eBay and buy something else that's better. what is your recommendation for replacement near field monitors for studio use, then?

I wish I could read more of that pdf... for the circuit there, the resistors with values without the "k" appearing are ohms? the rest is really straightforward.

ps your english is quite good, really
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