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Re: Kingwalther is BAD TRADER

On the official DVD's, you should of done your homework on those and checked to see if they were official before making the agreement on them. Some traders have official stuff on their list that has been put out of print and is now considered ok to trade. I realize its not always easy to find the official DVD's with all the official stuff that is out and about and its hard to find them on the web to do a little research first. I realize that's a pain in the ass, but its needed sometimes if you don't want officials. I trade a different kind of music but I have looked into what official and what's not in the genre of music I trade so I don't get officials when I see them on a list. Telling the other trader they are officials is a good way to let them know about it if they didn't know already and in some cases they may know in advance they may not. As for not sending you the complete package, that's not a good thing. You should of gotten what you asked for from him. But maybe he forgot it or whatever. Who knows. Some traders are more scatter brained than others As for ignoring you, that sucks and you are right its irratating as all hell. Hopefully you guys can work this out in the end.

Just a side note: Looking at his post that you put in your post, he has many officials on it.

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