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Originally Posted by DumbLuck
OK, this was the case of a digital cable radio broadcast. However, I would like to show you a screenshot of a recording from analog cable radio. The spectral view is attached.

Solid activity all the way up through 18 kHz. I can't even hear the compression and the signal is crystal clear. It is completely different from the digital cable radio at broadcast at 128 kbps.
Thank you. I've seen these carrier signals and all that before. Even on the e-v-i-l cable FM carrier signals reach up to about 18000 kHz or what so ever. Actually there are two carrier signals at least. And one of them is around 16000 kHz, quite possibly a bit lower than that and the other is around 18000 KHz.

But these carrier signal questions are easy to figure out: Google or contact your local FM broadcaster. Not a biggie.

About 128 kbps I can't tell a thing, because I'm not used to them - I'm not into lossy stuff. Until now I guess.

Thank you anyway.

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