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Re: How to split FLAC files ???

You're quite right Five.
Your points above made a lot of sense. I'll keep them in my mind. But if feel some shows could be better sounding and - as I told in my previous post - I'll still try to fix them sounding better. I don't try to fix every single show I hear. And yes you are right. I don't live in a perfect studio environment. I mostly live in my living room and listen to music there as well. And so on... I run out of English language.

But one point as well is that so called real audio pros making us them fantastic audio experiences don't live in my living room. So for what kinda room they are making them commercial releases? My guess is: for recording studios. I mean, I've been there, heard that and finally when I got the final result in my stereo system it has been just an awful listening experience. Or for some cheap transistor radio on the beach? Some or most of them sound great also in my living room, but the rest...

But anyway you're quite right.

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