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Re: Your Favorite Equipment & Software

Originally Posted by Five
yeah I'm just using the Technics bookshelf speakers right now, gonna get NS-10s running soon enough. I've got a Yorkville I can use for bass too & gonna treat the room for flat response But gotta get my goddam roof replaced before I have that in a couple months I'll be rocking.
that ain't bad at all, hell our speakers are ancient! running a pair of JVC SK-S44s i remember my pop's buying back when i was in grade school, and a 15+ yr old subwoofer [dbx db-SW15 Plus] that is in need of a new set of fuses at the moment...components are of course newer, run-of-the-mill technics & pioneer [on sale purchases]

but those speakers are still holding strong, despite years of metal and hip hop

one day i'm hopin to score this 35-40 yr old sansui amp my dad got for his couzin in korea back in the early 70s [still running perfectly of course] thats a beautiful sounding piece of equipment
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