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Re: Digital FM?

Originally Posted by xcv111
In my household there are two cable sockets on the wall. One is for television broadcasts (digital) and one is for radio broadcasts (analog). I've plugged my conventional analog tuner into the analog socket for the radio broadcasts. And according to Finnish Broadcast Company (YLE) there are no plans to go for a digital radio signal feed - at least not in the near future. This information I got phoning to Finnish Broadcast Company's (YLE) customer service.
sounds great! I remember when my radio was hooked up to the cable for direct analog FM it was awesome. every 5mm or so you move the tuner dial another station comes up crystal-clear. You just need one of those tubular things with the female cable connector on end and two little metal things that get screwed down on an older tv and attatch it to your fm antennae connector on the receiver. they sell those here at the dollar store. (I know you know how to connect it but I'm putting that here for the benefit of anybody else reading this).

I'd love to hear a sample of what you get off that kind of a tap as compared to taping from the open air.
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