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Re: How to split FLAC files ???

Originally Posted by xcv111
All I have checked are "verify" and "align on sector boundaries" in FLAC Frontend. And the of course "fingerprints" when generating Flac fingerprints afterwards. I guess that's all needed to be checked to make proper Flac files. Right?

I updated FLAC at work and on my other computer that just died... seems like you haven't updated FFE in over a year so pretty safe to say you will get the added speed when you upgrade.

CEP2.0 used to crash on my computer (whereas 2.1 and Audition don't) but others have had no probs with it. As for the functionality&quality its pretty much 99% identical to 2.1 and Audition 1.0. Even 1.5 the only thing I've noticed they've added is the marquee tool which is very useful. They probably put some other stuff in there too but nothing glaringly obvious that I come across in my normal useage. Its also about the same as CEP2.1.

I find the marquee tool useful (and to me essential) for spot-fixing tiny clicks & crackles by using it together with nr>click/crackle repair>fix single click now function. With the marquee tool I can process a smaller number of samples in certain difficult situations where disturbing the lows causes an undesirable effect. I haven't found it useful to run other effects on marquee-marked blocks yet. So maybe it is on its way to being like painting with sound but for me its more like scissors, tape, photocopier & liquid paper for sound The painting so to speak still goes on mainly at the microphones and DX/VST sections and some of the stock effects.

Oh yeah, in Audition they added native VST support, however doesn't work with 100% of all plugins (as it always is with any one wrapper/wav editor).

ps I don't put eq and all that jazz on hobby-related tapes, I just try to keep them as accurate as I can to the original master recording.
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