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Re: Your Favorite Equipment & Software

selfbuilt tabletop PC

LG Flatron L1715S x2

Windows 2000 Pro

just one? How about 2* WD MyBook 500GB, 1TB WD MyBook, 2*500GB WD internal, 2*300 Seagate internal, 1*120GB Seagate internal

AMD Athlon 64 3700+

Firefox, latest

Extraction & Burning Drive:
Lite-On LH-18A1H

Extraction Software:

audio players:
Winamp 5.35 with up to date SHN and APE plugins and all of the unneccessary crap removed (as in all video, portable, podcasting etc crap)

WAV Editor:
Adobe Audition 1.5

soft video players:
PowerDVD / VLC

DVD player:
Denon DVD-2930

CD player:
Denon DCD-700AE

Marantz PM11S1

stealth recorder:
Edirol R-09

stealth mics:
Church Audio STC-11

Some more gear, this time my guitar rig, all of them get used to, the '59 is my favorite though :

Recording/gigging guitars:
Fender Stratocaster '59
Fender Stratocaster '73
PRS McCarty
Gibson Les Paul Studio '91
MusicMan John Petrucci signature model, 6 string, no piezo

Recording/gigging amps:
Ampeg VT-40
Vox AC30
Carvin BelAir 212
selfbuilt 100W tubeamp, based on Mesa
selfbuilt 60W tubeamp, based on Mesa

Recording/gigging pedals:
11 selfbuilt Ibanez TS-9 clones, all with slightly different characteristics and base sounds
Dunlop CryBaby, can't remember exact model, it's the one with volume pedal built-in and true bypass
Boss Flanger, Chorus and Delay pedals
some old 70's Equalizer where the brand name has worn off over a decade ago
A closetfull of other random pedals that I use very rarely such as Octavers, Harmonizers and other gimmicks

Home rig:
Epiphone SG from early 90's
customized Epiphone strat copy
Roland Microcube
Ibanez TS-808
Vox Wah
My trading list
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