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when I was a kid we had our cable split and plugged into the radio back in the 70s and you could get tons of stations really before they invented mp3. we're willing to consider stuff taped using television cable>fm antennae but even that I'm not certain about at this time (I don't have cable at home). stick with the open air analog broadcasts, we're giving carte blanche on those.
In my household there are two cable sockets on the wall. One is for television broadcasts (digital) and one is for radio broadcasts (analog). I've plugged my conventional analog tuner into the analog socket for the radio broadcasts. And according to Finnish Broadcast Company (YLE) there are no plans to go for a digital radio signal feed - at least not in the near future. This information I got phoning to Finnish Broadcast Company's (YLE) customer service.

I'm not at all into lossy formats (mp3 etc.) and that's exactly the reason why I've joined TTD and other sites which are into lossless media. And I've definitely no intentions what so ever to seed these kinds of recordings anywhere. The M.I.A. case was pure, stupid accident, because I didn't know anything about - stupid me - digibox radio signal feed. Yes. I ought have made some research before I recorded a radio broadcast using digibox and even seeding it further.

Now I'm an unhappy owner of the fantastic gig which is lossy. Depressing. My bad. Sorry.

Well. Live and learn...

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