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Re: How to split FLAC files ???

Originally Posted by Five
but yeah, do it with FLAC Frontend And uncheck the 'add tags' button for sure, that's the only and worst bug I know of in FFE
All I have checked are "verify" and "align on sector boundaries" in FLAC Frontend. And the of course "fingerprints" when generating Flac fingerprints afterwards. I guess that's all needed to be checked to make proper Flac files. Right?

You are right about the FLAC Frontend's decoding speed. It's slow, but I don't mind about it too much. My FLAC Frontend version is ancient(?) 1.07.0001. Possibly I should upgrade for a newer version?

I don't know if I am stubborn, mingy or just simply stupid not willing to go for Audacity, since I already have Cool Pro 2.0. I do know that some Audacity's editing possibilities are superior(?) compared to Cool Pro like a possibility to "paint" some sonic changes right into the audio spectral view - a feature I actually dreamed of before it was finally realised in Audacity. Me myself I'm into Photoshop by my profession, that's why my "painting" idea.

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