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Re: Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%

I posted this message to the upload/torrent forum on the Kinks 1993-10-06 Second Coming thread:


I bagged ABC and set-up Azureus. I have checked and rechecked firewall and port forward settings; all report back as they should be. After installing Azureus, and correcting the "I want to download instead of upload issue" as described in the link U2Lynne sent me (Thank you Lynne) at I actually got some rip-roaring up-load speeds and got the green light in Azureus. I'm not sure that I was showing up as a seeder correctly on the Peer's list on the upload/torrent page here, but my rate of progress showed 98.9% instead of 38.89 (along with everybody else) and a couple of folks on the list actually made some upward progress beyond 38.89%. However, within minutes, Azureus reported a corrupt file issue and stated it was re-downloading the show and went from upload to download and my % completion went right back to 38%. I went through this three times, and Azureus reported the same issue with piece or part 45 of the upload.

What struck me, is that everybody's upload died at 38.89% when I was trying the first time. The progress I made after that, was only when someone new joined the peer group and they got data until they reached 38.89% and then they too stopped receiving data.

I am thinking that something is corrupt and that's where the problem is. My not showing as a seeder may be another issue, but you were all getting good rates of data until the 38.89 mark. It may be time to pull the post, dump the files on my end and I will re-build everything from scratch and try once again.

I will post this on the Technobabble forum as well, but because all Azureus wants to do right now is redownload what I have already uploaded, I am doing to keep the client off-line until we figure out the next step.

Thanks again for your patience.

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