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Your Favorite Equipment & Software

post your favorites, what you like to use. if you're not a tekkie just post what player you use etc mainly anything pertaining to audio/video and this hobby. make an endless list of everything from your tv to your preferred walkman if you like, we will read it. In fact, I encourage you to try to bore us

I would've made it a poll, but it would be too hard to get every option in there.

okay, I'll start...this is the stuff I'm using, in some cases I have better stuff that isn't hooked up just now other times I'm plainning an upgrade like we all are... not every last thing I own is listed, just the stuff I've been most using recently.

please add your comments!!

here's my list... if it gets boring use the scroll wheel on your mouse

some kind of Dell


win2kpro (patches up to date)

4GB & 80GB + 250GB and 40GB USB externals

30MHz (! I know, my other 1.7GHz comp died a month ago )

always the latest FF, sometimes Opera, occasionally IE6, IE7 at work.

Extraction Drive:

Burning Drive:

Extraction Software:
EAC V0.95 prebeta 5 - Offsets determined & corrected, extractions done with test&copy and .log files generated & corrected.

audio players:
winamp 2.81 hot-rodded with VID4WA, APE, FLAC and SHN plugins, re-configured for gapless playback without an additional plugin, yunasoft sexyfont plugin 2000, ASPM2Soft ACtiveskin plug-in, SuicidalMachineers MARON, ReginaCape_mix Plug-In Ver 1.00, CD Reader v1.95 (x86), some nullsoft components upgraded by overwriting with 5.x versions. custom skin by me

WAV Editor:
Adobe Audition 1.5, CEP 2.1, occasionally Audacity bleeding edge version.

iPod 5.5G Video 80GB RockBox'ed with recent build.
sometimes old Panasonic CD Player

portable gaming:
iPod (Mainly Doom1 these days ), occasionally GameBoy Colour I got for $10 esp Tetris & mario games.
foobar2000 v0.8.3 special installer (for tagging, fast SBE checking and sometimes playback)

Home Gaming:
Sega Genesis 6-Games-In-One reissue
SNES (mariokart rules)
cheap chinese 60-in-one NES system
RadioShack 'tv game' (pong... nobody will play me, I'm too good... or maybe too old )

soft video players:
winamp (see above)
VLC v0.8.4 (2nd choice, if I can't play it in winamp for some reason)
media player classic (for generating thumbnails)

hard video players:
LG DVD player (what model? plays almost anything but wmv)
Toshiba HiFi stero VCR

Harman/Kardon hk5901 with Technics SB1502 speakers

Technics ST-S78

Yamaha KX-650

Technics 1200mk3 (needs repair since I bought it )

ancient CITIZEN walkman with RCA lineout (because it reminds me of a roommate I once had who used the exact same model for the commonroom stereo)

stealth recorder:
iPod with Griffin iTalk Pro/Belkin TuneTalk Stereo (also working on a hack for better control of levels etc)
Sony MZ-NH1 Hi-MD
also some others that I don't use as often

stealth mics:
Sony ECM-ZS90
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