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Re: How to split FLAC files ???

the cd authoring bug is the worst bug I know of and the way it adds cue stops is just awkward. Its still there even in Audition 1.5, and Audition 2.0 introduces other bugs but hopefully they will pull it together one of these years. Overall 99.5% perfect program as of Audacity 1.5 and 99.4% perfect as of CEP 2.1. All versions previous to 2.1 were prone to crashes on my computer, esp with long files.

What I like best about Audition/CEP is the fast fast editing and (arguably) unsurpassed design. It really is the Photoshop of audio.

but yeah, do it with FLAC Frontend And uncheck the 'add tags' button for sure, that's the only and worst bug I know of in FFE

Also the latest release (I think its 1.4) is significantly faster than the previous versions, something like 50% so its worth taking the upgrade if you haven't already. but still those fucked-up tags

I'm going to try to start cutting in Audacity, seems they've got it right except moving around a 120min show in the editor is a snail's pace compared to cep mousewheel zoom. Audacity is unfortunately not optimised for speed to the same extent that CEP/Audition are.

In fact I would go so far as to say it is the fastest editor available on any platform today. I've tried tons of them and they are all slow, slow, slow in the nav department.
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