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Re: Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%


The modem is a Qwest 2701HG-D - - I followed the set-up instructions for the Qwest 2700HG in the Port Forward site, since it was the only listed that came close. The instructions for ABC seemed truncacted, but I followed them per print at first. I also followed them per print for Azureus (but have not added Azureus into the active slot yet). Noting that Azureus had some extra steps (Azur1, Azur2, etc.) I patterend that for ABC and set ABC up accordingly and things have not changed.

Right now I have ABC1 set for 6881 ABC2 set for 59877 TCP and ABC3 set for 59877 UDP and I am not getting any more joy than before. I had Windows firewall similarly configured, but for now it is turned off.....still, it is poking (the upload) along at 14-20kps and only one individual (IP is showing as receiving - - - all others are stuck.

I also rebooted with MSCONFIG and absoluted paired startup programs down to a minimum so I don't think I have any other software conflicts running.

I can call Qwest tech support unless you guys think (see my post on the upload) that's a bad idea. I've got to run......back in a few hours. In the meantime, I will leave ABC up and let it upload at whatever speed it can muster.

Thanks for the help.

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