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Old 2007-11-06, 10:11 AM
U Torrent Port Forwarding Problem

Ive got a constant yellow light now when using U torrent.Ive been onto and tried to follow the steps.
Ive gone into the virtual server as im only forwarding this port 53449 for U Torrent.I know i have a static i.p address to but here where im getting the probs.When it asks me to enter my i.p address i get the following message "Invalid IP address! It should be set within the current subnet"
Im really not much good at stuff like this and any help would be great.

I have window vista
My router is a Edimax BR 6204wg
And i cave a cable internet connection (Virgin,used to be NTL)

I also have made sure firewall all firewalls etc are disabled
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