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Re: Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%

JT~ you are still not showing up as a seeder.

Are the ports being used by another program?

There may be no need for port forwarding since an ADSL modem is a Point to Point connection. 1 PC (or router) connected to the modem. If you have a public address then the address on the site is the same as your computer, then you don't need port forwarding. The only blocking point can be a firewall installed on your PC.

If the address is different then look at
pick out your modem/router and your application (ABC) and follow. Also I've read that ISP's sometimes try to block ports below 50,000. I use port 52371 with utorrent. I tried Azureus and liked it, however I find utorrent better with the PC.

You mentioned that you are using ports 6881-6889, most of the torrent applications call for only one port set-up with both TCP/UDP checked.

Unless your ADSL provider or the ADSL manufacture says otherwise, you can access your ADSL modem/router by going to or You will need administrator's username and password. It varies by brands but the default is admin/password, respectively. (Comcast comes into my router, reboots and removes my port forwarding almost weekly)

Also, you can go to Control Panel>Windows Firewall>exceptions> and list your open ports so your computer knows where to send the traffic. For Example add the following:
[add program] ABC - path C:\Program Files\ABC.exe (location of your program)
[add port] ABC - port 52371 (check TCP)
[add port] ABC - port 52371 (check UDP)

Everyone here is willing to help you here, if you get stuck send us the make of your modem. Good luck!
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