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Re: Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%

Not Comcast, but Qwest......Comcast would be faster. I am out in the boonies where cable doesn't even get to us. The phone company only recently fianlly got there switching equipment upgraded to the point where 100mps DSL was possible. For years I had been a 18kps dial-up sufferer......

Anyway, I looked for an encryption setting in ABC and there is nothing intuitive. The only thing close was a section under Preferences, Disk, that addressed file locking, and it was turned on. I also noted that there was some goofy limiting stuff turned on, buried in the preferences as default. I turned it off, or set it to up load 100 files and whaddayya know.....all of a sudden I am actually uploading data again (and I should not have said that out loud). It is struggling at around 16-20kps......better than nothing.

I am noting that I seem to be the only one using ABC as a client. Should that be a hint?

I am going to tip toe away from this thing and see if it continues.


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