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Re: Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%

Well folks, I've tried all of the above and then some. In every permutation imaginable. I have redownloaded the torrent file several times, and stuck in different folders with varying levels of success, usually the root I have for all TradersDen stuff or the specific root for this show works the best. I have turned off Windows Firewall, even though it has been configured for the port used by the bit torrent client and the ports used to communicate with TTD 6881-6889.....I have set the Firewall that is built into the DSL modem to allow TCP port scanning (it already has been set to allow the ABC bit torrent client at the port it uses) and after all - - I don't show up as firewalled in my stats here. I have powered up and down, and restarted the bit torrent client and so on and so forth, ad nausium, including stopping all other software running down to bare bones on the PC. I haven't had a problem downloading - well, I shouldn't say that as it has been a little quirky, but I have managed. But this issue is more than a quirk.

The best I've seen is I'll think I've fixed it, and either walk away, or do some other stuff on the computer and then come back and find the upload rate has hit 0.0 again......withing 10 minutes of thinking all is well. Yesterday, all was well for the first three hours or so.

Is there a bit torrent hex on this upload, or is there something I am still missing in my first attempt at sharing something here? I and the anytwhere between 18 and 22 folks that have been trying to connect would love to know.

Appreciate any help.


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