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Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%

Well yesterday's problem was the "Bad data from tracker" and we got around that and started uploading in a big way. Last night, I noticed as everyone was hitting the 38% mark the upload speed started dwindling down from an average of 70-80kbps to 8-9kps. Then, I watched in horror at around 11:00pm or so PST as it literally drained down to 0kps. I stopped and restarted the Client (ABC). I rebooted WinXP Pro. Nothing changed, so I went back to bed hoping it would resolve.

This morning I realized it had not. I checked my firewall monitor to see if I had some sort of denial of service attack going on myself, and nothing unusual except I did see a report of a "low risk attack from TTD". The detals were listed as thus:

***begin paste***
IP Address Attacker Domain High Risk Med Risk Low Risk 0 0 1

View Attack Details Details
Internet Domain:
Internet Address:
Today 1
This Week 1
Total Attacks Blocked 1

High Risk 0

Med Risk 0

Low Risk 1

TCP Port Scan Detected, Packet Dropped 1
***end paste***

At this point, I shut everything down for five minutes including the DSL modem and then brought everything back on-line. For a brief period, the upload was back on. It moved quickly up to the 60-70kpbs range and then began to fall back down to nothing within a couple of minutes if not less (I did not see the fall - - I actually thought I had fixed it and then came back to look two minutes later and found the UL speed at 0.0 again).

So, once again the bit torrent gremlins have stumped me. Any help and sage advice would be appreciated by me and the folks who are trying to complete the upload.


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