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Re: Mac: extracing VIDEO_TS audio; replacing VIDEO_TS audio?

I wanted to bump this thread to ask a question. How would one go about this for non PCM audio? I have been working on a couple of things. One has AC3 stereo audio as the source. I have some fan commentary I want to add onto the DVD for my own viewing pleasure. The fan commentary is in MP3 format. I figure I can convert the MP3 to AIFF and import both the demuxed soundtrack and the new commentary into my multitrack software. Make sure it is all in sync and the same length (to the frame) of the origional. I would then export to WAV. I think I can remultiplex from there. Is there a better way to not recompress the footage. This is another film that I didn't keep the menu and it contains the feature only. Any recommendations?
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