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Re: How to split FLAC files ???

with cep you have too load in the entire show, then select each part that you want to be a track (highlight it beginning to end, eg 0:00-3:57) then hit 'F8' and continue doing that until all the tracks are marked. trouble is, there's a small bug in cep so you have to right-click the time display and select 'samples' then right-click one of the cue marks, select 'go to cue list', highlight all the marked tracks and change the type of cue to 'track' and it will snap to cdda sectors. but if you look carefully at the numbers, some of them will be a little screwed up, a couple sectors missing. where you see this happening, copy the end of the previous track's 'end' sample # and copy it to the beginning of the next track and it will be corrected. then re-name the cues to what you want the track names to be, hit 'batch' and you can save with those names, even as FLAC if you have the FLAC filter installed. this method is not idiot-proof at all, so if you're not confident then find another prog to do it that works better. its easy to screw up and miss little bits of the show when cutting with cep if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

^sorry that's kind of confusing, post any questions here and I'll clarify!
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