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Can anyone transfer an 8mm to dvd for me?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I'm looking for help. I have an 8mm with 4 shows on it. They're not well known bands (you're probaly thinking who the hell are these guys?). They're small Hardcore/Punk bands, except Ignite (they're kinda known now). I filmed these but never transfered them to dvd & I no longer have my camera. If someone could help me out, I could supply the blanks & postage so it won't cost you anything. I don't need anything fancy w/ menus and all, just the video footage on dvd. I prefer someone in the U.S. and with a good reputation around the trading world.

Here's what I have, the last 2 are very dark, the club had horrible lighting, but I'd still love to have them.

Shutdown Yardley, PA 1/4/98
Ignite Yardley, PA 1/4/98 (incomplete, my battery ran out)
Dare to Defy "XYZ" Pennsauken, NJ 1/30/98 (dark venue)
No Redeeming Social Value "XYZ" Pennsauken, NJ 1/30/98 (dark venue)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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