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Re: Afordable vhs time base correction

Some of the cheaper TBCs out there are really rebranded products from Cypress Technology, so most probably it's cheapest to import one of those directly. For instance the AVToolbox AVT8710 is really a rebranded Cypress Technology CTB-100. See

I got myself a Cypress Technology CTB-100G, pretty much the same as the AVTool AVT8710 but in a metal housing and with genlock possibility. (Some people has reported heat problems with the AVT8710 since it's housing is made of plastic) Bought it from in New Zeeland. Including the postage to Sweden - a looong way away - it still turned out quite alot cheaper.

(The Cypress Technology CTB-100G is called "Globalmediapro X-201 Multisystem TBC-Frames Synchronizer with Genlock" on that page.)
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