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Re: Question about the "no silver CD >> CDR transfer" rule

Just my opinion: if they are error free extractions, I wouldn't even bother to include the CD-R gen in the lineage, just write silver CD > EAC (secure, read offset correct) > WAV > FLAC and include the .log from the original rip. 99.99% of people don't burn with EAC with the write offset corrected, and probably only 50% extract with the read offset corrected, that is why they have this rule.

For example, let's say you burned a show that has been seeded here to audio CD-R with EAC with the write offset corrected. Some time goes by and you want to reseed the show (you have the original text file, art, and .ffp on your hard drive). You do the extraction and encode to FLAC. The FLAC fingerprint that came with the show matches your ripped audio CD > FLAC. All you have to do is copy and paste the original text file into the description, no need to indicate the CD-R gen. Note: if the FLAC tags were changed, or if you encoded with a different version of FLAC, the wholefile .md5 won't match. That's the only drawback. So if someone wanted to join you as a co-seeder to help you seed, and they burned their show to data DVD, their FLACs wouldn't match in the torrent.

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